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SO...MUCH....INK! | 20 Jul 2011

Well I certainly can't draw printers...well, I can't draw anything, but that's not the point.

Between the new solid ink printer (which is pretty neat) and the Dell I repaired, we've got 5 printers now. Maureen thinks we should put one in the bathroom.

Still no luck altering the "Ready to Print" screen on any of the printers. I can telnet into all of them, and they accept PLJ commands, just not the RDYMSG change. Is it bad that I'm thinking about reverse engineering their firmware?

With printer moving comes server moving. I'm trying to free up the backup server for a workstation, by shuffling some other sever responsibilities. Part of this plan is to make the old print server into a linux backup server. The print server however, has other plans. It will boot into XP, it will view CDs, but it won't boot a CD.

The battle continues...

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